Monday, November 14, 2016

Day 14: An acceptable rape joke

Seems like it's OK now to make rape jokes -- or rather it's OK to make one particular rape joke. As long as it has the words "grab" and "pussy" in it, it's OK. I get irony. In fact, I understand irony better than most people. I've taught irony. I speak irony in my sleep. Jokes about grabbing pussies are always ironic, whether they're funny or not.

Some people might want to argue that grabbing a woman by the pussy isn't really rape, so it's not a rape joke. Fair enough. Since I've experienced rape in various forms from being held down and penetrated by an unwelcome penis to having my pussy grabbed and penetrated with unwelcome fingers, I can tell you the difference isn't great enough to quibble over.

It seems clear enough to me that unwanted, forceful touching of the genitals constitutes rape in some form. I can say from the victim's point of view, whether it's a matter of degree doesn't matter much. Although it certainly can affect the rapist's sentence in the unlikely event he ever is sentenced.

Just consider though if Donald Trump had reversed the genders and said he likes to assault men by grabbing their dicks with his tiny hands. Nobody would call that a hand job.

We have somehow elected to the most powerful position in the world a man who admits to raping women and getting away with it simply because he's a wealthy reality TV star. He laughs about it, and he has never once  apologized for it. Hell I'm waiting for to see the announcement that Brock Turner is going to intern at the White House.

And we make jokes about it. I get irony. I do. But let's call a rape joke a rape joke and a rapist a rapist. Although it apparently  didn't matter to almost 63 million people, it does matter to me. And that's no joke.

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