Thursday, June 9, 2011

Introducing Laura

I worked on the poetry service I wrote about below with Laura, a gifted poet, writer, therapist, teacher, friend. This young woman makes me cringe at how immature I was at her age, and I'd been married for seven years by then. She's a little younger than my son, so I'm old enough to be her mother big sister, and yet she possesses wisdom and courage that must come from being an awfully old soul. She's so talented, I was a little intimidated sharing a poetry pulpit with her. And she was homeschooled so that just makes her that much more special to me. She's moving away very soon, and she will leave a hole the size of the moon in many lives.

 I want you to read her "I am what I am..." poem. It's amazing and insightful and it will make you want to know her too. You can find it and a bunch of her other writing at her blog, Autodidactic poet. Leave comments so she'll keep writing. She doesn't believe how superfantastic she is.


  1. Awww made me get all teary over here. I just...yup. No words. I love you. (And remember: "I am what I am...I am someone who tells friends I love them, and means it from a place in my soul"). <3