Saturday, March 3, 2012

Facebook snippet: My boss can stay out of my vagina too.

I found myself dragged into a conversation on Facebook tonight with someone who obviously took a master course in logical or argument fallacies. I got out fairly early, but it still left me with a bad taste in my mouth. My FB friend, who is not the guy in this snip, posted that Rush Limbaugh had apologized for calling Sandra Fluke a slut. After I flippantly remarked that Rush Limbaugh is a whore, the conversation with one of his friends went something like this, :

Photoshopped. Duh.

Here, in case you haven't actually listened to Sandra Fluke's testimony, is the video I posted above. I don't get "slut" from this, but I didn't expect to agree with a fat, loud, attention-whore junkie like Limbaugh.

I was satisfied ending the conversation there, and I did post the video on my wall. Back to the real issue of keeping my employer out of my vagina.

Ooops. I was wrong. There was a little bit more to come.

Still Photoshopped.

And I am fucking speechless. All these many years after women fought for the right to vote and burned their bras and pounded their heads against the fucking glass ceiling --oh, wait. We've never stopped doing that -- men are still telling us we are either sluts or children when we want to control our own bodies .... no, our own vaginas and ovaries and uteruses? What the fucking fuck?

I stopped. I did. I said I was out of the conversation and I didn't take the bait. No more stinky fish or slippery slopes or ad hominem attacks for me. Nope, not worth it. He wouldn't pass my freshman composition class. But I do have a response to make here.
**Disclaimer: This isn't really for this one guy. It's really for the guys who started this rhetoric and made it stick with some people like this guy. It's for the people who purposefully spread ignorance. It's for Rush Limbaugh.

Dear Random Guy on a FB thread: First, go ahead and make the health insurance companies pay for your porn if you can't get off any other way. How fucking pathetic is that? About as pathetic as that faulty analogy you just farted. Wanking to porn is not the same as taking prescription birth control pills. You don't need a prescription to whack off to porn, which is free anyway.

But since you're going down that lubed-up slope, let's talk about orgasmic equality. Orgasms cause all kinds of lovely, muscle-building contractions in a woman's lady parts too. Yep. Cookies are good for all of us. Problem is, porn doesn't really do it for lots of us women. We need connection, foreplay, skin against our skin ....  If you get your porn, I want my health insurance plan to pay for a man who will give me healthy, beneficial cookies. And if I can't have a man, I want a Sybian. And no, you don't get a prostitute to jerk you off because you already offered to do it yourself with porn. Want to keep sliding down that slope? No? Good.

Now that the orgasms are under control, maybe just a few words about the Constitutional errors you committed in your tiny rant. You seriously think the Constitution guarantees you the right to religion? What the fuck does that even mean? The Constitution says the following: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Your "right to religion" stops where my vagina begins, buddy, and don't you forget it.

Look, it doesn't matter what religion my employer practices, he doesn't have the right to make medical decisions for me. Period. It's between my doctor and me. Period. It doesn't have to be spelled out in the Constitution for it to be a right.

And finally, you said Ms. Fluke "never got any negative press for saying what she did." I'm stuck for words. She was called a slut. Weren't you listening? Rush Limbaugh, supposedly a representative of the media, called her a slut. Surely you don't think he meant it as a compliment?

Sorry I had to leave the conversation so abruptly. I'm a little tense about having to vote next to people who want to control the medical choices I make with my doctor because of their religion or because they think they're protecting somebody's right to religion. I'm scared that people say the things you did and believe them. And I could also really use a few of those prescription cookies I was talking about up there. You understand, right? About the cookies?


I told my son Drake the guys who drafted the Constitution would throw themselves off buildings if they could hear this nonsense. He sent me a funny, appropriate video. So let's end this post with a laugh, because shit is getting strange out there. We really are further down that slippery slope than I ever thought we'd go.


  1. There's no reasoning with anyone who defends Rush's words, whether he's insulting a law student or a "feminazi" or President Obama. I live in West Virginia and I, too, am a little tense about my fellow voters. I was verbally assaulted for having an Obama bumper sticker on my car last election. It's a good thing the President doesn't need WV's five electoral votes, because he's surely not going to get them. I found you through BlogHer, and am so glad I did!

    1. I'm glad you did too!

      My Obama bumper stickers were torn off my van twice and my signs was taken from my yard out in the very Republican suburb where I used to live. I don't think that will happen here in the city.

      I try not to give people like Limbaugh any attention, but if he were to lose so many sponsors he also lost his show, that would be fine with me. I'm afraid more conservative sponsors will just step up once the furor is over and nothing will have changed though.

  2. This whole thing just makes me angry. It's more than Limbaugh calling her a slut and a prostitute. She was advocating for birth control for medical reasons, not so that she and her fellow students could go out and have lots and lots of sex. 58% of women on birth control use it for other medical reasons than just for preventing pregnancy. For very serious medical problems.
    As for his "apology", it was severely lacking. He says he is sorry for calling her a slut and prostitute. That is it. Limbaugh's rant goes on and on about how much sex she must have that contraceptives are too expensive. How he wants her to tape it and post it on the internet since he think he will be paying for it.(the taxpayers don't pay, it is the insurance company or the employer) He constantly degrades her and her fellow students, but he is sorry he used those two words. It makes me sick. There have been a lot of other people making degrading comments about Ms. Fluke as well such as Patricia Heaton, Glenn Beck, and other news reporters. Did they even listen to what she said? It wouldn't make me so upset if it was just Limbaugh, he is just a disgusting asshole. But the same thought that she is just a slut has been echoing off news medias like Fox and CNN. The Republican candidates Romney and Santorum (not that either of them seem very worthwhile)when asked about this situation simply said that they wouldn't use the same words that Limbaugh had. So they agreed then? But not with the use of the words slut and prostitute. There is a horrible chance that one of them might become president. That is terrifying.
    Ranting does feel good. I'll just leave it at that.

    1. Yes, ranting feels good, but the scary thing is that the craziness keeps getting crazier and crazier. I think it's time to occupy sanity.