Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Crayons and Foo Fighters

I'm so glad it's wordless Wednesday so I can just post a photo of clever, biting crayon color names and not write about ..... well, about anything. I was going to write about loyalty when I got home tonight, but I'm confused about that -- the people I expect it from don't show up, and the people who owe me nothing are right there. Maybe I'll write about that tomorrow.

If I were to write about tonight -- just this night -- I'd have to write about how I fucked up, and about how hard it is to be single after so many years of spousalhood .... but, no, I can't write about that. Not tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

Or I might just share this song by the Foo Fighters, which I learned to play the other day, and which Chicken Grrrrl and I added to our set list. It seems so fitting tonight.

So take your pick: razor-sharp crayon color names or Dave Grohl, who is a fucking genius, and the Foo Fighters. Or both. And if you've got something to say about loyalty or being single, please .... take the stage.

And just as a follow-up to yesterday's post: I did not come on my bike today due to the threat of rain.

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