Saturday, September 28, 2013

The ubiquitous vagina

I have shit-tons to write about .... I really do ...  but I stayed at the wrap party for Medicine too late tonight, and I need to be kind to myself and take me to bed. (Don't bother looking at the time stamp. I back-date these every single night. It's not cheating. Just night owl behavior.)

I have one little story to tell you though.

Tonight I said to one of the other party guests, an acquaintance, "Hey, thanks for your comments this past week on the vagina photos. You really ... ummm ...." He was looking at me like I'd just said vagina and he didn't know me or my vagina. "Ummm .... the vagina photos? ...  on my blog? You said something on my Facebook page about pubes and .... ?

"Oh!" he said. "You're Reticulated Writer? That's you?"

"Well, yeah," I said. "You didn't know that?"

"I had no idea," he said. "Great blog!"

"Thanks," I said. "I just assumed you knew you were talking to me when .... you know, we were talking about vaginas and shaving and stuff."

"Nope. I had no idea that was you," he said. "Now I know."

"Yep, now you know," I said.

Huh. For about a second I felt a nanobit of famousness. Then I slapped myself back into reality.

I wonder who else I've talked to who's a reader and has no idea this is me here talking about vaginas.

For the rest of the night, during the viewing of the film and a sassy game of Words Against Humanity, the ubiquitous vagina came up over and over again. I think I've started something.

Trending here on Reticulated Writer: the vagina. #vagina #reticulatedwriter

You heard it here first. (Sorry. No photos tonight.)

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