Friday, September 2, 2011

Snippet from the Club

My son, an old friend of his and I were standing at the bar at the club. Abby had been laughing about the time she woke up on the couch in my family room, and I was yelling at Drake. She thought it was because she had snuck in early in the morning and crashed there, but then realized I was mad because he hadn't put a blanket over her. Then we segued to another sleepover conversation.

Abby: OMG, and remember that time we were sleeping in Chris's parents' basement and you were on the couch and I was on the floor.
Me: You slept on the couch and made Abby sleep on the floor?
Drake: Why should I sleep on the floor?
Abby: And I was trying to sleep and that girl was trying to get with you?
Drake:  Please don't remind me. She looked like the remains of last night's pizza.
Abby: But she was trying so hard!
Me: She had to try? Why didn't you tap that?
Abby: I was trying so hard to either sleep or not laugh out loud. It was terribly frustrating. You should have just done it.
Drake:  Wasn't going to happen. I couldn't look at her.
Abby: It went on for hours. Why didn't you just do it and get it over with so I could sleep? Pretty rude to make me sleep on the floor and then keep me up all night fending off advances.
Drake:  I just wasn't into her and she wouldn't leave me alone.
Abby: You should have just tapped that.
Drake:  Nope. I checked with the batter but he waved me off.
Abby and Me: Ooooohhhhh.
Drake: Are we done?


  1. What about tales from the clit? I want tales from the clit.