Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 4 is National Cookie Day!

I never know what people will text me these days.

So, dear readers, did any of you enjoy cookies today? Did the cookie baker in your life surprise you with a whole batch of hot, moist cookies? Better yet, did you have a cookie fest, invite your best friends and good neighbors?

One of my fellow Scrooge cast members (who is also an Octette sister) baked peanut butter cookies just for me today and brought them to our four-hour tech rehearsal. They were so yum.

Later backstage a couple of other readers, my sister and I had a good giggle when one of the male cast members said he ate a sandwich but he had his cookie first. Just like a man to have his cookie first, we said, but he didn't get it. Not my fault he doesn't read my blog.

I hope you all enjoyed cookies today, whether you knew it was a day of celebration or not. As for me, I'm looking forward to a grueling week of rehearsals and opening night Friday night. I'm looking forward to getting my van back, because it broke down Friday night after rehearsal and I'm relying on the kindness of a friend who's been driving me around. And I'm looking forward to the start of the holiday season: parties, shopping for my kids, planning Yule and Christmas dinners.

What about you, any good cookie stories*? Hee. Looking forward to anything fun in the next few weeks?

* C'mon now! You know I'd tell you!