Thursday, November 7, 2013

Brain dead but still writing

Back in September I wrote about how I expected this year to be full of big changes and adventures, because there seems to be a pattern to my birthdays. I posted a photo of one of those changes yesterday. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed by that one, so I'm not ready to write about it yet. It's certainly not the only one to come into my life since July 19.

Since then, I've made some new friends, and I know they will be important in my life .... already are important in my life. I foresee shifts in other relationships as well.

I've gone on a couple of wild adventures, and I've said "yes" to doing things that push the limits of my comfort, like singing in a recording studio, giving piano lessons, and producing a horror film.

I've also been working on bringing a TEDx experience to Dayton, and that will happen next Friday, November 15. I'm terribly excited about it. I'm on the audience experience committee, and we've been working for months planning a peak experience for those lucky 700 who get to come. (We sold out a couple of weeks ago.)

One of the best things about working on TEDx is meeting new people and getting to know acquaintances better. Just going to a full day of TED Talks would be an inspiring experience, but doing the work with people I've never worked with is even more rewarding. I'll report back on that next week.

For tonight, because I'm feeling utterly brain dead and not one bit clever, I'm going to share my first and favorite TED Talk, The Power of Vulnerability by Brené Brown. I cried the first time I watched it, and I've probably watched it a dozen times since.

As a writer -- especially a writer of personal narrative -- I know my words are shallow drivel unless I dig deep enough to expose my vulnerability. Sometimes I can do it, and sometimes I can't. There are several topics I've wanted to write about ... topics that can jam me up like a beaver dam ... topics like bullying and dating .... that I haven't put words to because doing so would leave me vulnerable -- not to the people who love me, but to those who are always looking for a place to slide in a blade.

Every time I watch this video, I vow to do better at vulnerability, because I know that's the place where the energy of my words connects with my readers' experiences -- my heart to your heart.

On to the video though. Brené Brown says it better than I can.

If you could give the talk of your life, what would it be about?


  1. I love that TED talk. Probably time for a re-watch!

    1. I think it's worth watching once a month.