Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Dip

Nom Nom

I'm taking this yummy and yet visually vile dip to a Halloween party tonight. It's really easy to make, tastes like looks like chopped up eyeballs and best of all, has only three ingredients. Downside, I found those $7.99/pound ingredients at the big, new super-grocery store deli back in my old 'burb. I go back there every once in a while just to remind myself where I came from.

So to make it, chop up some artichoke hearts and some roasted dried tomatoes in Italian olive oil. I don't care how much of each; this isn't science. Mix in some crumbled feta cheese and that's it. Tasty, nasty nom. Eat it on very thin crackers gourmet wafers.

I think it will go well with the host's famous and colorful corpse revivers, which he mixes in large beakers. I'm not touching his chili.* As for the non-nom part of the party, I'm taking a big pumpkin to carve, but no costume. Only one costume is necessary in a hot tub. Uh huh. That one.

Happy Halloween!

* Not that one! What's wrong with you?

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