Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cookies for redheads!

Someone -- not saying who -- baked a special batch of cookies just for me yesterday. (No, not that kind. More's the pity, right?) They were hand-delivered right to my front door in a small paper bag.

They were, I was told, special cookies because I'm a redhead, and these cookies are a classic recipe made from ginger and molasses known as ginger snaps. Ginger snaps for a ginger! Yummy!

Classic ginger snaps

I confess, the last thing I need to eat is more cookies. (Notice I said eat more cookies. I did not say I don't need more cookies. I digress.)

Coraline and I went to a cookie swap Tuesday night and swapped 5 dozen lime-in-the-coconut balls and salted dark chocolate shortbreads for 5 dozen assorted other cookies. We came home with a ton of cookies to go with the rest of the balls and shortbreads I had here. A few of them made it into the freezer.

So my ass really does not need more cookies. But I am a ginger, and I do love me a good, fresh ginger snap, so I reached into the bag and pulled one out. It was delicious. I reached in again, but this time I didn't pull out the round cookie I expected. No, this one was ..... this one was .... OMG, I thought. Is that what I think it is? No! Yes! Could it really be a .....?

A new classic

Yes, it was exactly what I thought it was. A vagina! A vagina-shaped cookie called ..... wait for it ...... a ginger snatch!

Early Merry Christmas to me! Sometimes it doesn't suck at all to be a ginger.