Friday, December 7, 2012

Mama told me not to come

A bunch of us were out drinking Kool-Aid brand soft drink mix, eating cookies, and playing pool the other night when the Three Dog Night song “Mama Told Me Not to Come” started blasting nostalgia from the jukebox.

Billy Montana chewed wistfully on a cookie and said, “That song came out the year I was born.”

I thought, Awww. I had already kissed a boy by the time Billy Montana was born. Of course, I was 10 and there were actually 2 boys…. Oh, memories. My first kiss ... my first 3-way …..

Anyway, another friend said, “So, Billy, what song was playing when you lost your virginity?”

Billy Montana stroked his pool cue and answered, “I’d tell you, but that song hasn’t been played on the radio yet. It hasn’t even been written yet.”

Poor Billy Montana. He took the title of that song just a bit too literally didn’t he?

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