Friday, December 7, 2012

I seem to have used up all my pink and purple

Still looking for the perfect gift to buy me for Christmas? Not sure you want to get me the HoodiePillow or the Glass Tank? I really only need one of each anyway, so coordinate, people.

If you're still racking your brains and cruising into the wee hours of the morning for an outside-the-box gift for me, look no further.

This .... now, this is a coloring book. And it has fun activities too! Fun vagina activities! I'm dying to find out what kind of activities we can do with coloring pages and a vagina.

A quote from the description on Amazon: "Vaginas are a fingerprint ... From the compact smooth vagina to a coiffed vagina with full lips. Some are pierced, some are tattooed, some are soft spoken and some are in your face!"

In your face!

Why didn't I think of this?

Actually I didn't even find this book. A friend posted it on my Facebook wall, and I had to share it here. And if your next question was, "Do people really post vagina products on your Facebook wall?" the answer is "Duh. Of course they do."

And they talk to me about vaginas at parties and at karaoke. Sometimes they complain that I'm a dirty bitch I write about vaginas too much. Sometimes they're just looking for a diagnosis. So far nobody has sent me a photo and I'm fine with that.

Mother always said, "Find something you're interested in and stick to it." How could she ever have guessed I'd good at writing about vaginas?

I want this coloring book. I also need 9 more dates.

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