Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nov 29: Intimacy... and what is that in your penis?

I meant to write tonight about intimacy and security and being a good friend, about getting what we need versus taking care of other people vs being simply an item on a menu. I thought I knew what I was going to say, but this topic is coming at me from several directions--even in one day, from several directions. A good friend is waiting in my living room to continue the talk we started a couple of hours ago, and as we talk, what I want to say changes. So I can't write about it yet. I thought I could, but I don't have all the information yet. But I will say that Miss Serendipity and my unintentional muse, Dolores, have together ganged up on me, and obviously this topic will not rest until I write about it. Miss Serendipity keeps throwing people in front of me, and Dolores won't let me sleep for thinking about what I need to say, how I need to integrate these stories.

You don't want this in your penis.
The danger for me is that I wrote about this topic once, and it knocked me into a brick wall didn't end so well. The same thing could happen this time, so I'm stepping into the pool very carefully this time. I don't want to lose anybody over what I want need to say about intimacy and what we do to find it, to get it, to keep it. And about security, and what we'll give up to keep it. And also about being a good friend or even a good partner, and letting go.

For tonight, while I wrestle with these issues and try to come up with something at least cogent, but maybe even profound vaguely meaningful, I will simply leave you with this article,  about a man who will probably never take an eel bath again.*

* I'm simply searching for balance. The nipple on the foot story made many of my women readers squirm. Guys, it's your turn to squirm.


  1. I'm squirming just from seeing the picture on Facebook.

  2. Your eel story reminds me of an episode of River Monsters that we watched this past summer! Yikes!

    As for your intimacy/friend issue...write about it when your ready. We're not going anywhere. ;)

  3. Pleased, really? Worse than the nipple? The nipple even came up at rehearsal tonight at the theater. It made for many lewd backstage jokes.

  4. Sue, I'd call that a wiener monster!

    Oh, I'll tell you, the intimacy issue is almost impossible to untangle. And it doesn't help to talk about it.

  5. Intimacy... or penis eels... hmmm some men might chose the latter...

  6. Some do choose the latter, Diplomat, at least in the metaphorical sense.