Friday, February 17, 2012

Fox News

For once I'm going to make it short. I crewed for a Brother Sun concert tonight, and then brought one of the musicians home with me*. They're an amazing trio of singer/songwriters who have all made a living from their music for years before they joined together. Their harmonies are so tight you can't slip a hair between them. The concert was great, but as always, striking the stage and packing up the gear takes almost as long as the music lasted. And it's all worth it.

My muse Dolores had such a good time she fell asleep on the couch and has nothing to whisper in my ear. So I'm going to cop out and share a video from a house concert somewhere else of one of the songs the group sang tonight. If you like it, you should check out some of their other videos and buy their CD.

* Really? You had to go there? I bring home a talented, intelligent, red-headed music man and immediately you thought about cookies, didn't you? Sorry to turn down the oven, but he's happily married and just needed a place to camp for the night. We ate pulled pork and talked about teaching. But you should still buy their CD.


  1. Replies
    1. If they're ever in your area, Debbi, you should go see them. A video can't possibly compare to a live performance.

  2. Sure am sorry I had to miss this one. Thanks for putting up the video, though.

    1. I wish you'd been there, too, Rollo. They sang songs I hadn't heard before that are on their CD. All three are powerful songwriters. Next time I'll come pick you up myself!