Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some Favorite Blogs

I hate cottonwood trees. Every year when the cotton wood trees fluff, I get sick. Fucking cottonwoods. I hate being sick, especially on a weekend that should have been busy. A weekend when I spent too much time in bed -- and, no, not diving for cookies under the covers. Sleeping and reading my Kindle. Fucking cottonwoods.

I spent today volunteering at a big-ass fundraiser for our local Aids Resource Center. People paid large bucks for a chance to consume gallons of wine from a dozen or more vendors and eat tasty nibbles from another dozen or so of our best local restaurants. I'm not sure how many hundreds of people attended, but it was some good people watching. Sorry, no photos today. It was all for the cause.

I felt pretty good the whole 6 hours I was there in spite of the temps in the 80's, but I crashed when I got home. Straight to bed for a long nap. Some friends pleaded with me to come back out, but I told them I'd already taken off my bra. I'm sure I don't have to explain that.

I stole this photo from somewhere.
In lieu of writing anything at all interesting myself tonight, I'm going to share a few of my favorite blogs. I'm pretty fickle about blogs. I spend too much time on Facebook, so when it comes to blogs, I read friends' blogs and a few others I find particularly amusing or helpful. Otherwise, I'd rather write than read.

1. The first one I'll just get out of the way is The Bloggess. She's funny, broken, quirky, and everybody probably already reads her and loves her. She's into taxidermied animals and metal chickens and she started a red dress thing that circles the globe now. She's currently on a book tour for her book which is on the New York Times best seller list and blah blah blah. Who doesn't love Bloggess?

2. My favorite sex blogger isn't one I started reading for the sex. I started reading Sexy Prime because Susan Crain Bakos was dying, and her posts about her own death are heart-breaking, yet inspiring. I linked to the first of the "end game" posts. She hasn't written since January 15, so I don't know if she's still alive.

It's a pretty good sex blog too, although it's not porn so if you're looking for that ... well, you know where to find that. I don't read many sex blogs, much as I like to talk and write about sex. Most of them are worthless-- the bloggers are either uninteresting pathetically self-centered or they can't write for shit or both. I've seriously considered starting a secret sex blog, but I'd hate to keep company with a lot of those hacks. Don't bother with this one. See the update in the next post. I should have added that some sex bloggers are sociopaths.

Speaking of sex blogs, one of the writing bloggers I read, Jen at Writing Ourselves Whole, is writing a daily masturbation blog called Coming Home to celebrate National Masturbation Month. I think that's pretty courageous, and somehow she doesn't come across as self-absorbed like so many other sex bloggers do -- even though she's writing about self-serve cookies.

3. My favorite political blog is the ultra-liberal Wonkette. I can't keep up with all their posts, but when I do have time to read, I always get a laugh mixed with a little outrage.

4. Wait, I lied. My favorite liberal political blog is Margaret and Helen. I want them to be my grandmas. Common sense just oozes from the page when these two elderly bloggers let loose a post. Even if you're on the conservative side, you might enjoy them.

5. Another favorite, especially recently, is It Just Gets Stranger. Eli just participated in his first ironman competition -- and probably his last. His description of the race is a good read though. Otherwise, he pulls some funny stunts with emails and texts. A little too close to what David Thorn does on 27bslash6, but still entertaining.

6. If you haven't read David Thorne, go there right now. He's hilarious. I don't know if he really does the shit he writes about, but if he does, a bigger, funnier asshole has never lived. I included him even though he's not really a blogger.

7. This last one is because I hate even-numbered lists. My very favorite blog is of course the Reticulated Writer. But you're already here so you know that. So I'll just remind you that it's OK to like RW on Facebook, and you can do it by clicking that button on your right. I'd be quite flattered and you never know when cookies will follow flattery.

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