Saturday, August 11, 2012

F*ck it Friday: Draw!

A real-life reader (as opposed to those of you who are made only of pixel dust) told me the other day she even likes my Wordless Wednesday posts. She suggested though that I need to add a "fuck it Friday" every once in a while. I'm not sure yet what a fuck it Friday should look like yet, but I'm open to suggestions.

One thing I do know is that today is indeed a fuck it Friday. Something that feels devastating -- at least right now -- happened. What I hope is that it opens up space for new opportunities, better ones. I'm not going to write about it just yet though, because I don't have perspective and there's the possibility I would burn bridges.

I also picked up an ugly bit of malware somewhere yesterday. Probably one of the many porn sites I frequent doing research for my secret sex blog this blog. I got rid of it, but still had some cleaning up to do today. What kind of asshole thinks that's a fun way to spend his intelligence? If you ever get an infection, I highly recommend Malwarebytes. It's free and it works fast. Kind of like a good laxative.

Enough about my problems. There's always something to provide balance the other way. I took my bike in to the shop today because it was rattling, and the guy only charged me $10 to fix it. I took Melvyn and his bike along so he can stop asking me if he can borrow my van or if I'll run and get him some gin and juice. Every other day or so he calls from his porch as I'm coming or going, "Baby, I'll give you a little gas money if you'll run to the store for me. I'm out of gin and juice." And I reply, "You know I won't buy you any gin and juice. Why do you keep asking?" Then he laughs and says, "I know. But I still love you, baby. You know that, right?" Now he can ride his bike to get his own damn gin and juice.

There's no better time to count your blessings than when you feel like something has been unfairly ripped from your life. I have many, and at the top are good friends who don't let me throw myself surprise pity parties, but instead insist I come out on a cool summer night and regale me with tales of small penises and .... well, that's really all I paid attention to. The stories about small penises.

In honor of fuck it Friday, I offer this photo, which says I have a small penis "fuck it" better than I ever could.

Draw on  the count of three. One....two....


  1. The class is overwhelming in this picture! I hope things get better my dear.

  2. That picture was funny. I love the idea of F*** it Friday.... I had one a rough Friday yesterday....I am going to have a quiet night with a dinner and some wine!!

    1. Seems like Mercury is stuck in retrograde, doesn't it? I hope you enjoyed your quiet evening, Winnie.