Saturday, August 11, 2012

Is that paddle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

If you haven't liked Reticulated Writer on Facebook, then you probably missed a reader's recommendation that I "google 'olympics erection.'" Go ahead. Click on the "like" button over there to the side. Done? Good for you. On to the penis story.

It was only for you, dear readers who want to see more penis posts, that I did indeed google those two possibly pornographic words. And it's only for you that I'm posting this photo from the Huffington Post article I found about coxless* four rowing bronze medalist Henrik Rummel and his impressive penis.


I was going to photoshop in an arrow or a circle to show you where to look, but the thing stands out like ... well, like a big dick in spandex shorts. And it was tempting to make a cute little magnifying element there inside or beside the photo, but it pretty much holds its own in the magnification department. I was also tempted to post it twice just to give it an encore, but ..... yeah, what the hell.

I'm so proud he's one of ours. And I hear he's a pretty good rower too.

* Seriously? I couldn't make this shit up. This is why I've never written an novel. Real life is bizarre enough for me.


  1. One of the track runners from the USA looked just like this the other night, too. Bill was laughing hysterically because the Track Girl ( not being sexist; like a Bat BOY) who stood in front of him (for some reason; they all had them) was clearly having trouble keeping her traditional British stiff upper lip, at the sight of his stuff...well, you know. ;-)

  2. I was watching the wrong events! I'm actually surprised more men aren't showing some excitement down there in those tight shorts and with all the hoopla. One of the perks of being a woman. Even a camel toe doesn't indicate sexual arousal. ;-)