Sunday, August 19, 2012

There has to be a better use for my boobs.

Coraline is spending the night tonight, so this will be a quick one. And I'm not writing about vaginas, because although the first time I saw Coraline she had just passed through a vagina, they aren't really a topic I think much about when she's sleeping near me.

The sleeping didn't come easy tonight even after several hours of playing and reading books. She hasn't spent the night since Elvira's birthday the end of March. Back then, she didn't mind taking a bottle from me, but tonight she seemed pretty offended by it. At least I suspect that's why she punched it when I put it near her mouth. She's definitely Elvira's daughter.

We share the same dilemma, Coraline and I. I put my babies to sleep with booby in my grandmother's rocking chair, and she's used to going to sleep with booby. Neither of us are quite sure how to go about it without the booby. The rocking chair helped, but it wasn't enough. Eventually she couldn't stay awake, but neither of us were satisfied with method.

I can't help but think this is an evolutionary flaw in humans. Grandmothers should lactate. Seriously, just think how helpful if the grandma started lactating as soon as the grandchild was born, how easy it would be to give a new mom a break ..... or to give her an overnight so she can go out and party with her friends.

Yeah, I know it sounds radical, but if we'd evolved that way it would just be normal. As much as Coraline resented that bottle, I resent that I've got perfectly good boobs and they just bounce around on my chest, not earning their keep, not providing nourishment. .... Yeah. It really sucks.


  1. and think of all the weight I could have lost if I'd nursed all of my grandkids. I felt that way with my first granddaughter. It felt so strange to be so close, so attached but be unable to nurse. However, as time passed I did get over it.

  2. I hadn't thought about the weight loss aspect. And just think, we wouldn't be starting with 20 or 30 pounds of baby fat. Damn you, evolution!