Monday, August 6, 2012

Flesh-eating babies

I spent the afternoon at the grocery store with my daughter Elvira and my granddaughter Coraline. Coraline celebrated her first birthday a couple of weeks ago, which means she's a little bundle of energy who wants to be down on the ground running and exploring, except when she's eating. Being cooped up in a grocery cart lost its appeal today before we even got past the organic produce section at the front of the store.

When I put a couple of cartons of blackberries in the basket, she started doing backflips trying to get to them, so I gave her one. We didn't even make it past the carrots before she looked like this.

Shopping with an adorable baby is always fun because people come up and admire her and talk to us and she smiles and flirts outrageously and I get to play proud Mamá.

One very short man stopped as I was bagging some peaches and said she sure looked like she was enjoying whatever it was she was eating. I said she was a good advertisement for blackberries. Later he tracked us down in the meat section just to tell me he'd gone back and picked up some blackberries himself because she did her job so well.

So much adorableness can't go unpunished though. Elvira was off doing her own shopping until we ran into her in the salad dressings.

She took one look at her daughter and said, "She looks like a cannibal." Only in a mother's eyes.

 Stand aside, Eric. There's a new sheriff in town.*

*True Blood reference. 


  1. Ha ha ha.. That is funny. She is darling!

    1. She really is, Winnie. I just wish she wouldn't grow up so fast. :-)