Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 18: A list

It's not fair. Thanksgiving is mere days away and I'm sick. I am willing it to go away by morning, but tonight I feel like my head is being banged around inside a jar.

I got a lot done this weekend, and spent time with good friends. In spite of the encroaching scratchy throat and drippy head, I managed to play 9 games of pool; blog; spend an afternoon cleaning up the church property (which is what made me sick. I should have stayed out of the dusty, pollen-coated, tall-weeded wetlands. Sometimes I realize too late I've wandered into the allergy zone); pick up my freshly killed turkey from Farmer Mak and catch up with her; bake a pumpkin pie; dance to my favorite classic rock band; evade a creeper (with a little help from my friends); accept a blue-eyed man's number and not throw it away (new chapter, baby. I never even give them an chance .... but more about him no matter how it turns out. Flattery doesn't usually break through my barriers, but the blue eyes gave him a leg up); blog; share a big, abundant Thanksgiving dinner with countless friends (OK, maybe 200 or so); shop for Christmas presents with my girls, Elvira and Coraline (my ass was dragging and I was whining in the most unattractive way by the time we finished -- worse than a toddler); drag myself home; take a long nap; avoid craziness no matter how many enticing hooks it throws out (when someone says he or she is crazy or shallow or a butthead, just fucking believe it and practice active avoidance); start cleaning up my island (should have done it sooner); start the laundry; watch Homeland; make several long lists to guide the next three days leading up to Thanksgiving; blog; determine to go to bed by 2:45 and will away this awful, juicy allergy attack.

That's the highlights, but I'm grateful for almost everything on the list. The creeper .... yeah, not so much fun.

I confess. This is not my most interesting or entertaining post. My apologies. I'm in list mode, and I feel like shit and my muse Dolores is afraid she'll catch what I've got even though I told her it's not contagious. She's so fickle.

And people keep telling me about poop.

I'm opening myself to some fresh winds blowing through my life. First I will give thanks -- for gifts that will continue into the next year and for gifts that have run their course -- and then it's going to be time to write some new chapters for the new year.

Gratitude feels good. Try it. What's on your list for this week?

PS: Two more posts until I reach 300 published posts. Yay!


  1. Way to accomplish a crapload of stuff this weekend! (Sorry, sorry...) Let me know if you need a hand with some of the prep!

    1. Ha! You couldn't resist! I'm pretty efficient at the TGing dinner after many years of making it, but I will let you know if I get behind. I'm moving slow today.