Saturday, November 17, 2012

November 17: Giving thanks

I didn't have any plans for tonight except to pick up the turkey at Farmer Mak's and maybe go to a movie at the our little downtown movie theater. I spent the day at my church pulling weeds and spreading mulch. Not the most exciting work, but it's fun when you do it with friends.

So, the best laid plans and all that. I stayed later than I expected talking and catching up with Farmer Mak, so the movie wasn't looking like a go. But my sisterfromanothermother Trick Shot sent me a message and said a band we like to dance to was playing at a local bar, and I should come out with her and her significant other, Lights. I thought about it for a second and decided to wash off the stench of the mulch and go out.

While we were sipping wine and talking about Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, Lights asked me what's the big deal with Thanksgiving anyway. He said in his family it's just stressful -- get together, eat some food, and sit there and make small talk.

I said Thanksgiving to me is the one pure holiday. It's about nothing but good food eaten with family and friends. No gifts; no eggs and bunnies; no fireworks; no costumes. Nothing but the abundance of food we're blessed to enjoy and the people we are blessed to enjoy it with.

What's not to love? (An aside: The turkey might disagree. She's feeling a little betrayed, but at least she's invited to the dinner.)

Many of my Facebook friends have been posting a daily gratitude journal this month. I enjoy reading their blessings. It's helpful to be intentional about giving thanks. I haven't done it though. Anything I wrote would lead straight back to the people in my life -- the ones on my island -- because they are what give my life meaning.

For that I give thanks. For that I will cook an enormous turkey dinner Thursday and share it with people I love -- my family and friends. I wish I could feed everybody I love and cherish, but it's not possible. And we won't open gifts or search for baskets full of candy. We won't put on costumes or light sparklers. We will simply eat and be together.

 Oh, we will eat a shit ton of food. The table will sag from the weight. We might sing along with a guitar or the piano, or rev up the sound system for karaoke. We might play a game or watch a movie. We will talk a lot and wash a lot of dishes. We will kill a few bottles of wine.

And the point is that it's all about being together. For one day, it's just about being together and being grateful for it.

The perfect holiday, don't you think?

What are your Thanksgiving plans? You might was well tell me, because you're going to hear more about mine. Did I mention this is my favorite holiday? Mmmm. Turkey.


  1. Don't those kids in the picture have parents? Oh, wait, I get it! They're like us...we celebrate with our chosen families. :)

    1. Yes, we do! I'm glad I'll have both my kids and my chosen family here.

  2. What are my Thanksgiving plans? To ignore it as much as possible. When your family lives too far away to visit, when you live in such a rural/repressed/Conservative (Steve King is GOD, here) region of the state (and country) that you can count your truly compatible and fun to be with Real Life friends on one hand--as opposed to real soul mates but on the internet friends--and when the few friends you DO have all have humongous local families and forget you exist, all in your aloneness, at Thanksgiving, as a result...well, it's painful day that serves simply to remind one of one's isolation and loneliness. Plus, we eat yummy home cooked meals several times a week, here, anyway...and I think turkey is about as tasty as sawdust, compared to nearly every other food on the planet, to boot! (Well, you DID ask ;-) We'll probably be out in our yard putting wire cages around all our plant and tree babies, and then maybe eating some pumpkin pie--which I do adore, and the pie pumpkins are in the stores about now. And I'll probably be avoiding Facebook because all those "Oh, we're so happy with all our friends and family at Thanksgiving, LOOK AT US" posts just make me cranky as hell.