Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 8: The Lies of Handsome Men

This is the second night in a row my computer has slowed down to a crawl just as I sat down here to write. I expect Firefox will crash any minute, and probably more than once.

Elvira would ask if I maybe need to open more tabs and windows. She's got the sarcasm gene from her father's side of the family.

So that I might get to bed before 4:00 am, tonight I'm going to share with you the perfect song. Not just a great song. The perfect song. Lyrics .... piano accompaniment .... tempo .... her voice ... the story. Perfect. And unfortunately a song that hits pretty close to home.

I heard this on the radio one rainy night as I was driving to meet Smooth Jazz for a late dinner. I drove a little slower just so I wouldn't arrive while she was still singing. And I drove a little slower just in case I couldn't resist the urge to close my eyes and just listen .... I might have driven all night through the rainy city if it hadn't ended.

So, please just close your eyes and listen. No reading. Just listening to the perfect song, "Lies of Handsome Men," sung by Sara Gazarek accompanied by Josh Nelson. The only thing missing is the sound of the rain.

What's your perfect song? Why do you love it?


  1. My perfect song generally changes based on my mood, but one song always remains constant: John Mayer, Say - It's so simple lyrically, but the message is so powerful - Say what you need to say, it's better to say too much than never say what you need to say...

    (Ok, so that's my perfect song for today, who knows, by the end of the day I might have a different one!)

    1. I have favorite songs based on my mood and how much shit the monkeys are throwing at me too. I often have a soundtrack running through my life.

      I especially relate to the lyrics to "Say." I have to tell you it's serendipitous you suggested this particular song because I've been struggling to say what I need to say to someone this week. This feels like a nudge from the Universe.

      From the song: "Walking like a one man army
      Fighting with the shadows in your head
      Living out the same old moment
      Knowing you'd be better off instead"

      Thanks for stopping by and reading Purple Dreamer. Love that name.

  2. Adam & I love eastmountainsouth's "You Dance." Expect to hear that one at a certain ceremony someday. :)

    1. Great song! And perfect for a certain ceremony. (Remember you know someone who can help you out with that ceremony if you want.)