Saturday, March 29, 2014

A fact about chickens

I confess I stayed too late at a party soaking in a hot tub in spite of the earlier rain and snow and and temperatures in the lower 30's. I have many deep and thoughtful posts weighing heavy on my mind ..... No, really I do! But for tonight, as a coda to last night's post about people who fuck pit bulls, I have simply this fact:

In San Francisco, it's illegal to teach a chicken to play tic tac toe. To do so is considered animal abuse. I heard this on public radio, so I know it's true. This did not come from the internets ... except that I listened to the show in the internet. Otherwise, this information came from a source.

I'm not sure I have any readers at all who live in San Francisco, but if you do, don't teach your chicken to play tic tac toe or you could be in big trouble, mister. I'm not sure if this is illegal in other cities, so if you live anywhere at all where first world problems exist, and should you get the idea (not from me) to teach your chicken to play tic tac toe, maybe you'll want to check first and make sure you won't get thrown in jail where you'll become somebody's pit bull bitch.

You're welcome. 

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  1. I would be shocked if the penalty were more than a misdemeanor, or minor misdemeanor (ticket with no requirement to appear before a judge). I can't find the ordinance they've mentioned at:$fn=default.htm$3.0$vid=amlegal:sanfrancisco_ca$sync=1

    1. I heard about it in act one of the Poultry Slam episode of This American Life.

      I can't imagine it's a law that's often enforced.

    2. I tracked it down and read the transcript.

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