Saturday, March 1, 2014

Here we go again .....

I've been getting some shit encouragement from a significant number of you about my relative absence over the past couple of months .... And I can't deny that I've been lazy busy overwhelmed sitting on my ass sucking up as much cable as I can before I pull the plug on that shit  stunned by the crazy fucking winter we've had thinking a lot about writing, but not actually putting my ass in the chair and my fingers on the keyboard.

In my defense, I bought a big old Queen Anne Victorian house in November, moved in December in the worst snow and ice and lowest temperatures of the century .... and  let's not forget there were some holidays in there too .... and immediately after I moved, started a new job teaching creative writing at a magnet school for the arts.

I've been really fucking busy, people, doing what I get paid for and paying for what I bought! It was nice having no debt for a few years, but shit got real!

All excuses aside, I need to put my butt in the chair and get some crap off my chest. And because I'm so lazy (see above), I decided I needed some motivation to keep my fingers on the keyboard. So I'll be posting every day in March, starting with today. Every fucking day.

And if I don't follow through ... well, I owe you a drink, so look me up and collect the debt if I miss a day. (Just remember I confused my days and nights when I was an infant and so far nobody has been able to beat it out of me, so your night might be my day and visa versa.)

I really do appreciate the prods some of you have given me in the past few weeks. Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one up late at night when I hit "publish." It's kind of like sending my very soul out into a black hole, so I appreciate hearing that some of you miss me when I don't write. I love doing this, but it's so much easier when I have a deadline with a check at the end of it.

Nevertheless, I'll be back tomorrow night .... and every night after for 31 days, and that should take us into spring, right? Please, Baby Jesus, tell me there will be spring at the end of this long, bitter fucking winter.

If you've got a topic you'd like me to write about, let me know. If you run across something about vaginas .... you probably already sent it to me. So let's get this party started .... tomorrow night.

See you then, 



  1. I was JUST about to "encourage" you again. I'm glad you're doing this. Life is better when you're writing. (Says she who is NOT doing a post-a-day this month).

    1. Life is better when I'm writing, but I get a lot less sleep.