Friday, March 21, 2014

Fuck It Friday: Spring Break Edition

That's right. It's Fuck It Friday, and I'm not writing anything tonight. I've been spinning and spinning and spinning topics and ideas and first sentences, and they're all either too personal (believe it or not, I've got filters) or too stupid or too bitter or too insipid, or are about people fucking pitbulls in their backyards (more true stories than you would believe), or will take too long to write and I have to be up early for an all-day TEDx retreat tomorrow so I need to get to bed by 2:00, or ... they're too personal. So fuck it. I'm not writing anything. Give me a fucking F, teacher. And a U .... and a C .... and a K.

Spring break started about 7:30 tonight after a poetry slam some of my students were in, and I'm taking advantage of it. I really have no excuse for my lousy attitude, but nevertheless I think I'll pour myself a Manhattan, watch the last half of an episode of House of Cards and not worry about it.

Photo credit: stolen from the internets

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