Sunday, November 15, 2015

NaBloPoMo #15: Lazy Sunday

I'm going to beg forgiveness tonight, my dear readers. I have some longer posts in the works, but tonight I'm dog tired from a long weekend that started Friday with a 13-hour karaoke party at my house. In between then and now were the post-party hangover clean-up, a chili cook-off (more on that tomorrow), singing in a little family choir with Coraline (her first performance), and pretending I'm a photographer for the installation of our new minister at my church. Did you know even pretend photographers still have to deal with a couple hundred photos when they get home? Damn these digital cameras.

Anyway, I thought I'd share this not-digital photo from 1971 of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton playing volley ball. How cool is that? Would they even have dreamed on that hot summer day that he would eventually serve 2 terms as the President of the United States, and she would stand a chance of doing the same? Not that many kids who want to grow to be the president actually achieve that dream.

And now I'm off to my warm bed where I will probably stay up later than I should reading The Martian. It's a hard one to put down. Have you read it? No spoilers!


  1. Been absorbed in reading it for the past two days, myself!

    1. I finished it last night, Ria. Wow. This might be one of the rare books I read again someday. Now I'm on to Stephen King's latest book of short stories. Another hard one to put down.